For Professional Advisors

Benefits of Working With Us

Whether you are a financial advisor, attorney, insurance advisor, accountant, or investment manager, the Shallow Ford Foundation can be a valuable partner in your practice to customize and maximize services to your clients in Clemmons, Lewisville, Yadkin County and North Davidson County areas. We are on-the-ground working with organizations in your client’s community every day, so we can help your clients match their goals with local needs and opportunities.

Like you, we treasure relationships and because philanthropy is personal, we consider precious the hearts and personal intentions of clients.  We are experienced in navigating the increasing complexity of meaningful charitable giving, thus, you can offer this added value to clients, quickly and easily.  We also offer opportunity for clients to maintain their financial advisor as investment manager of their philanthropic gift.  

We are neutral advisors with technical information on a range of planned giving options— from executing gifts of real estate, stock, or personal property to establishing donor advised funds. We help advisors provide their clients with the best charitable giving strategies based on each client’s unique financial situation, tax status, and giving goals.

We have in-depth information on local needs and nonprofit organizations.When clients ask, “how can I make sure my charitable gifts will be used responsibly and make a difference?,” we can provide information on the programs and agencies that are working effectively in the specific areas that interest each client. We work with local organizations and activities addressing the broad spectrum of community needs — ranging from the environment, arts, education, and community development to special programs for youth, family, and seniors.

We serve as the vehicle for giving that many advisors seek for their clients.For example, we can establish Donor Advised Funds — the very popular mechanism through which a client can make a charitable gift and stay personally involved in suggesting uses for that gift over time. There are many donor advised products available, yet we offer a deep level of research, personal guidance and insights that help maximize giving outcomes.  

We help plan and steward charitable bequests of estate assetsthat a client wishes to direct to address specific areas of community need in perpetuity. We can assist clients in thoughtfully evaluating and structuring their bequest gift and explore succession options, if the needs or agencies change over time. We also can manage legacy plans to give to multiple charities or causes with a single gift.

Our work and joy is community philanthropy and what can be accomplished with thoughtful planning and follow-up. We look forward to working with you in serving your clients.