What We Fund

For Nonprofits

The next community grant cycle will occur in the fall of 2023. Each year, the Shallow Ford Foundation offers three grant opportunities. Our grant opportunities this year are:

Clemmons-Lewisville Grants
Supporting nonprofit organizations to implement new or enhance existing programs, services, and solutions in Clemmons, Lewisville, and surrounding areas that thoughtfully and meaningfully transform our communities with access, opportunity, enriched quality of life, and a strengthened sense of community.

Mary Alice Warren Community Center Programming Grants
Supporting nonprofit organizations to provide affordable and accessible programming at the Mary Alice Warren Community Center that aims to brighten the lives of residents in the Lewisville-Clemmons community; high priority is given to programs suited to older adults.

Shore Community Grants
Funded by The Wayne A. Shore Endowment Fund, these grants are designed to fund impactful projects and initiatives that enhance the lives and communities in Yadkin County. The Wayne A. Shore Endowment Fund was established by a bequest from Mr. Shore who lived in East Bend. He cared about Yadkin County, its residents, and the organizations that provide valuable assistance, programs, and services.

During the Community Grant Cycle, the Shallow Ford Foundation invites and encourages applications from tax-exempt, non-profit organizations that address one or more of the following broad categories with transformational solutions to community needs and interests. Importantly, the foundation welcomes programs and projects that also strengthen a sense of community. 

For Students

Some of the 2023 Spring Scholarship recipients:

Our next high school scholarship application period will open in early 2024; awards are normally made in late spring or early summer. There will be an adult scholarship application period in the fall of 2023

During our annual Scholarship Application Period, the Shallow Ford Foundation invites and encourages applications from high school seniors and adult students seeking financial assistance in completing academic and vocational degrees or certifications. Our scholarships requirements are based on criteria chosen by the donors who have established the scholarships.

Scholarship applicants are screened and interviewed by teams of community volunteers with support from Shallow Ford Foundation staff. Scholarship awards are sent directly to the awardee’s college or university.

High School Scholarships Offered in 2023