Clemmons and Lewisville Action for Student Success

The Clemmons and Lewisville Action for Student Success is a coalition of faith-based and community organizations and schools that work together to benefit school-aged students, their families, and the school staff who support them.

CLASS utilizes partnerships, resource sharing, and other initiatives to help students thrive. CLASS was formed in 2018 by Rev. Dr. Vincent Howell and was previously known as Interfaith Alliance of Clemmons and Lewisville. Howell formed the alliance in response to the needs of public school students identified by local school social workers. At the time, he served as pastor of Centenary UMC in Clemmons and knew the faith community could and would want to help the schools and students. He met with area faith leaders who concurred and agreed to work together. Since 2018, the school social workers, local school leaders, faith leaders, the Shallow Ford Foundation and other community representatives have met monthly to discuss student needs and strategies to meet the needs. The group’s activities have included helping with school supplies, learning tools, and clothing; hosting community-wide movie screenings of “ANGST,” a documentary film about anxiety in students, which was presented alongside a panel discussion with mental health experts in partnership with Care Net Counseling, establishing remote school locations during COVID and teacher appreciation activities. The alliance decided to change its name to CLASS, Clemmons and Lewisville Action for Student Success, in 2023 to better represent its community goals.

In 2023, Howell retired from his role as leader and Kathy Giff, well known for her long-time leadership of the Compassion Ministry of Clemmons United Methodist Church, accepted the call to lead the alliance. Giff has been an active member of the IACL since its inception and is excited about its future. CLASS also has a part-time community engagement coordinator, Alexandra “Lexi” Scoggin.

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