Yadkin County Education Foundation

In collaboration with Yadkin County Schools, the Yadkin County Education Foundation fund provides opportunities for creative classroom grants to teachers and other academic support initiatives.

 The fund provides annual classroom grants from competitive teacher applications for creative instructional projects. The purpose is to assist teachers in accessing resources for instruction that will engage students and inspire and accelerate learning. The Yadkin County Education Foundation was launched in recognition of the growing challenges teachers face in engaging students. Tapping into teachers’ creative potential and providing them with the extra tools needed will mean innovative learning opportunities for students. Superintendent Dr. Martin explains “We have remarkable teachers whose creativity is too-often hampered by the lack of funds needed for innovative instructional projects aligned with life and careers today. Through this new fund, teachers have an opportunity to pursue their dream instructional programs – programs that will excite students and accelerate learning.” 

Start-up gifts were contributed in hopes of inspiring others to follow their lead. Excited about the potential, Yadkin County School Board members and Dr. Martin, have each also made a personal pledge/donation to the new fund.   Sandi Scannelli, President/CEO of the Shallow Ford Foundation adds, “Our parents and residents support a high-quality education for students and this fund provides an opportunity for all residents to help teachers and students achieve their maximum potential.  It may also attract and retain terrific teachers, knowing there is broad community investment and support for creative instruction.”  

The initial gifts enable the Foundation to launch its first grant application cycle in February 2024 for grant-funded projects in the fall. In this first year, a minimum of 8 grants of up to $2,000 will be awarded per teacher application that is selected. At least one grant of up to $4,000 will be awarded for an application jointly submitted by two or more teachers for a collaborative project. The grants are designed to further engage students through creative learning opportunities using tools, materials, and equipment not traditionally available to classroom teachers.  Priorities and guidelines are shaped by the Advisory Board, made up of leaders from business and industry, community, and education and appointed by the Shallow Ford Foundation Board of Directors and Yadkin County School Board.  The diverse perspectives ensure the grant-funded classroom projects are necessary, practical, meaningful, and relevant. 

To learn more about the grant application and to apply, click on the button below:

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Dr. Todd Martin joins the Shallow Ford Foundation to continue the development of the Yadkin County Education Foundation Fund.

Recently retired as Superintendent of Yadkin County Schools, Dr. Martin has been a tireless advocate for teachers and students for the past 10+ years.  Under his leadership, YCS has launched several successful community partnerships resulting in enhanced support and educational opportunities for students, including the Yadkin County Education Foundation, a fund of the Shallow Ford Foundation, launched in 2023. Dr. Martin saw this new resource as important and with an unfinished goal. Thus, in addition to a much-deserved break, he will be assisting us in the continued development of the Yadkin County Education Foundation. We feel so fortunate to continue to work with Dr. Martin in growing this resource for YCS. His enthusiasm and leadership in doing everything possible to enhance educational opportunities for students is inspiring and unequaled. He brings wisdom, experience, and determination to the development of this Foundation.

Ways to Give:

Donate online

Advisory Board:

Jon Bowman, Peace Haven Baptist Church

Emmy Matthews Corn,
First National Bank

Chandra Davis, Marvin's Garage Doors

Jimmy Flythe, Duke Energy

Chris Funk, Edward Jones

Jennifer Johnson, Three Magnolias Financial Advisors

Robert Reavis, Oppenheimer & Company Financial Advisors and YCS Board of Education

Marty Roberts, Rid-A-Big Exterminating Co.

Jennifer Z. Smitherman, Live Like Norah, Inc.

H. Smith Williams, UNIFI

Glenda Wingler, CW Electric Co., Inc.

Sharon Yale, Astrazeneca and YCS Board of Education

For more information and presentations about the Yadkin County Education Foundation, contact Sandi Scannelli, sandi@shallowfordfoundation.org or call 336-407-3460.