Who We Are

The Shallow Ford Foundation is an energetic and active community foundation, passionate about the communities we serve.

"What sets our communities apart is the deep care and pride in community — true community wherein relationships run long, deep, and wide. Our communities are growing, yet striving to preserve the characteristics that have defined the area from its early days. Blessed with a culture of neighborliness and suburb/rural reputations, we too require philanthropic investment to ensure that as our communities grow, we offer all the resources, services, and opportunities that sustain and strengthen healthy families, invest in our children, ensure support through aging, preserve our natural resources, and offer the rich experiences of arts and culture that inspire creativity and innovation.

We invite you to become a partner in making timely and wise philanthropic investments that solve challenges, enhance our assets, and accomplish your hopes and dreams for the community. This is a special area thanks to those who have gone before us. Join us and let’s together be sure that the generations who follow us celebrate both the community they inherit and the wisdom, care, and resources we commit today.

It is such a privilege to welcome you to the web site of the Shallow Ford Foundation. We hope these pages help you learn more about us and inspire you to call us. Join us in connecting community and philanthropy for enduring results in all that you care about in Clemmons, Lewisville, Yadkin County, and North Davidson County."

Sandi Scannelli, President/CEO

History of the Shallow Ford Foundation

Connecting community and philanthropy for enduring results.

The Shallow Ford Foundation started as the Clemmons Rotary Foundation in 2004, receiving its 501(c)(3) public charity designation from the IRS. Its visionary leadership converted the foundation to a Community Foundation in 2012, named the Clemmons Community Foundation with the purpose of expanding its reach beyond Rotary membership and more broadly working to improve the Clemmons community.  

From 2012 through 2017, a volunteer board of directors governed and managed the Clemmons Community Foundation, increasing awareness through sponsoring local events, awarding grants to local non-profits, and with three exceptional gifts, grew its assets to more than $10 million.  

In the second quarter of 2018, with the help of the Wayne A. Shore Endowment Fund, the Foundation named its first CEO, Sandi Scannelli, and opened its first physical office in the Historic Broyhill Building.

Based on donor guidance, the Foundation's service area expanded to Lewisville, Yadkin County and North Davidson County. To reflect this larger footprint, the Board of Directors changed the name on July 1, 2021 to the Shallow Ford Foundation.

The Foundation has awarded more than $1.8 million since its conversion to a community foundation. Its mission today is to connect community and philanthropy for enduring results in Clemmons, Lewisville, Yadkin County, and North Davidson County communities. The Foundation connects people and resources in ways that meaningfully transform our communities with access, opportunity, and an enriched quality of life for all residents.

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