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Welcome to the first annual offering of classroom grants for Yadkin County School teachers. We invite you to dream big and bold as you consider an application.  In this first year, the application is intentionally open to all teachers, and with some parameters in place, the canvas is wide and blank for you to share the creative ways you hope to enrich and engage students.

The application deadline is April 18 at 6 PM.

Please read and follow the instructions carefully

About the Grants -
To set the stage, these grants are specifically designed to provide the tools, materials, equipment, and other resources that will allow you to deliver a creative, student-engaging, and life-relevant instructional project. All expenses should be directly and clearly linked to an instructional plan. You will also have the chance to provide supplemental materials such as videos, case studies or other attachments which illustrate your goals. Classroom instructional environment upgrades such as furniture, motivational or other décor, or computers and routine classroom supplies are not in the scope of this grant opportunity.

There are two applications: the Individual Application and the Collaborative Application. Please determine which is appropriate for you and your project:

Individual Applications -
These must be completed by one teacher who will implement the project, though students beyond your classroom or subject may benefit. Individual Applications may be awarded a maximum of $2,000.

Collaborative Application -
Designed for two or more teachers who choose to actively work together to plan, implement, and evaluate a project. It may be cross-curricular in nature or delivered to whole grades, schools, or district-wide academic departments. All teachers listed in a Collaborative Application should be part of the project’s development. Collaborative Applications may be awarded a maximum of $4,000.

Principal Sign-off -
Applications must be reviewed by all applicants’ principal(s), and principal awareness will be confirmed as part of the application process.  Be sure to submit the application early enough to also allow principals time to affirm awareness, which must be completed by the application deadline. Applications without principal sign-off will not be evaluated. No exceptions.

Greg Keener, Program Officer, may contact you during the review period with any questions or clarifications on your application.

Application Review -
Applications will be reviewed and scored be by teams of reviewers from a cross-section of community leaders – not all educators. Teacher names will be redacted during the review process. The criteria for evaluating applications include:

Remember, The application deadline is April 18 at 6 PM.  Award recipients will be announced in late May before summer break for project implementation in the 2024-2025 school year.  
Grant funds will be given to YCS for distribution as needed for purchase by the schools (no requirement for teachers to purchase and be reimbursed).

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If you have questions, contact Greg Keener, Program Officer, at greg@shallowfordfoundation.org or 336-403-0433.